About Us

About Us

Our journey began in 2005, with our first stand at Dubai's Global Village. A long-standing tradition of sweets attracted many people to the stall. This sweet is served along with traditional Arabic coffee, which is another staple of Arab hospitality. It is also a must-have item on every Arabian dessert menu. We were enthusiastically welcomed by the Emirati and Arab world for our most popular Bahraini goods.

In response to the growing demand for Bahraini products in Global Village, which is only open for six months out of the year, we launched a 1,000 sq. ft. retail outlet in Fujeirah in July 2018. The following year, we extended our enterprise with a 1,400 sq. ft. retailer store in Abudhabi's DeerFields mall and a kiosk in Abudhabi's Safeer Hypermarket, Central Mall, Khalifa City.

We now have a diverse variety of Bahraini goods, including Margadosh water, Basmat Noora Pafuk, Halwachi Pafuk, and Bahraini herbal medicines such as fat burners and skin tone enhancers.

We invite you to come and try out our items in our stores.

Our Mission

We want to maintain the deep and trusting connections we've had with our customers and suppliers in the past, and we want to work together to produce high-quality, creative goods while also ensuring a steady supply of such items to our clients.

We will always maintain the competitive and entrepreneurial energy that has allowed our firm to develop and thrive, and we will continue it forward!

Our objective is to meet our clients' changing demands by providing them with unrivaled service and outstanding goods. 

Souq Al Baharain has built a reputation for "client dedication." As our society has grown more service-oriented, Souq Al Baharain has stayed committed to offering clients the greatest range of Quality & Halal Food Products.

Our Vision

Vision & Mission